Vocational Education on Scaffolding



In our center, Vocational Education Program on Scaffolding is planned for 6-12 months. The purpose of Scaffolding studying program is to gain theoretical and practical knowledges and to improve skills on applying of practical knowledges at their workplaces. Our Program gives opportunities to students to attend in practical training. At the end of the courses, our graduates are provided with certificates and diplomas recognized by international and local authorities.


Main Factors:

Course Duration Usually 6-12 months
Attendance 5 days/week
Prerequisites Individuals with full secondary education and having ability and enthusiasm to learn their professions
PPE Provision Yes
Grading Criteria? You will be provided with specialist help you with assigned tasks and trainings. You will be observed by specialist in the workplace
Learning Outcomes? Vocational Education and Skills on demonstrating the knowledge at workplaces reference to Scaffolding guidance rules.


Why KuLane Specialist Training Center?

  • Adapting to real work environment;
  • Acquiring vocational knowledges and skills;
  • Taking advantages of our extensive relations with international and local employers;
  • Learning from experienced professional specialists;
  • Opportunities for continual professional development and etc.


How to apply?

Go to the contact section and choose one of the proper methods for you to contact with KuLane Specialist Training Center.


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