The first Vocational Educational Center with International Accreditation

Opportunity for our graduates to access national projects

Opportunity to become an international specialist through 6-12-24-36 months of study

About Us

Who we are

"KULANE" groups of companies consist of KULANE Vocational Education Center and the "KULANE Training" center. Our company established in 2007.


Our Goals

  • To train highly qualified specialists by the requirements of the international market;
  • To introduce high-achieving alumni to local and international markets;
  • To offer training services to the local market referring to the international standards;
  • To be represented as a training provider at the Caspian Basin Countries.


Why us?

  • Our specialists are highly qualified with long-term experience at internationally operating companies;
  • Quality is a main principle of our services;
  • Cost Efficiency;
  • Social activities.


Our Targets

  • To train competitive specialists by the requirement of the international standards;
  • To introduce high-achieving graduates to the local and international markets;
  • To eliminate expatriate dependence in the local industry;
  • To bring ECITB international engineering accreditation to Azerbaijan;
  • Always to provide high-quality training services to the local industry.