QMS Policy


“KULANE LLC” is committed to provide training, engineering and consulting services at the highest Quality standards that meet or exceed customer requirements and in accordance with applicable international standards.

The Company recognizes that the disciplines of quality management are integral parts of its management function.

The Management of “KULANE LLC” views these as a primary responsibility and fundamental to the best business practice of operating under the control of a QMS along the lines laid down in the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The Quality Policy has the following broad objectives:

v     To provide guidance in development and implementation of internal and external quality assurance procedures and practices.

v     To ensure that the quality of training programmes  meet standards expected by the  stakeholders.

v     To ensure that graduates have attained skills and knowledge valued by stakeholders.

v      To enable the VET to assure all concerned that the VET's policies, systems and processes for the development, maintenance and enhancement of quality are functioning effectively.

v     To provide guidance in identifying internal and external standards and criteria consistent with international standards.

v     To assist in maintaining and developing quality of academic programmes through enhanced support processes.

v     To nurture a culture of continuous quality improvement to achieve academic excellence.

v     To identify areas of strength and excellence as well as areas needing focused attention for continuous improvement in the short, medium and long-term.

v         Comply with all legislation and international standards relevant to provision of training.


v     Implement continual improvement initiatives and make best use of its management resources.


v     Establishing quality objectives and periodically reviewing performance.


v     Providing safe and healthy work environment.


v     Developing employee skills and increasing their contribution through effective training.


v     Constantly striving to meet and where possible exceed, it’s customer’s expectations.


A commitment to widespread involvement of staff, students and other stakeholders in the QA process.

v  Critical self-evaluation and rigorous peer review of training and administrative areas

v   Methodical collection of information about Service satisfaction and student experience, including external comparisons

v  External assessment of professional courses through accreditation and review including benchmarks

v  Systematic use of stakeholder experiences to improve courses and curricula, and to plan development and training programmes for staff.


 A focus on efficient management, planning and resource processes to achieve excellence and to ensure continuous improvement.

v  VET-wide strategic goals linked to plans, priorities and review system

v  Effective training bodies to develop, implement and oversee training  policies

v  A regular cycle of reviews of all faculties and administrative Service units

v   Coordinated academic and administrative review processes

v  A process for monitoring implementation of the recommendations of reviews through University administration